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All of the material possessions in your home make up what is defined as "contents". This includes your furniture, as well as all of the items that are in the drawers, cupboards, desks, closets, rooms and nooks and crannies of your home. For insurance purposes, basically anything that is not part of your house structure is considered "contents".

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Replacing homeowner contents with new ones is not a foregone conclusion just because there was a fire or flood. With the rapid emergency response of today's municipal fire departments and current modern technology, most fires are extinguished before a total loss status is reached. If the insured person suffers a covered loss from a fire or flood, water damage or some other peril, in the majority of cases, some or all of the contents can be cleaned or restored to an "as good as or better condition" than before the loss.

At Professional Furniture Service, we specialize in contents restoration; handling all contents except for clothing. (Smoke or water damage to clothing and linens and their unique cleaning specifications require the services of a professional dry cleaner experienced in the restoration of covered losses.)

Historically, there was never a reliable remedy for residual smoke odor after a fire so possessions were deemed a total loss and thrown out. Nowadays, safe, non-toxic industrial products such as Smoke Out (a liquid cleaner similar to the ingredients in the commercially- available Febreez product) are used to effectively remove smoke odor.

Ozone Room.
Professional Furniture Service also makes good use of our custom-built 500 sq. ft. OZONE ROOM for persistent smoke odors. O3, or ozone is a naturally occurring element that neutralizes carbon atoms (which is what smoke odor is made of). Professional Furniture Service uses an ozone-generating machine to pump the invisible, sweet smelling ozone vapors into a chamber containing the furniture and other items needing smoke removal. It usually takes 3 to 5 days of ozone exposure to eliminate the smoke odor.

CDRR (Patent Pending)
CDRR is a service provided by Professional Furniture Service that restores hard furniture surfaces without stripping and refinishing.

Before CDRR

After CDRR

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