Refinish. Restore. Renew your wood.

Refinishing requires stripping the old finish off the piece of furniture. The old finish may be paint, lacquer or varnish. Our stripping process will remove all finishes without damaging the beauty of the wood itself or weakening any of the glued joints.

Our stripping process involves the use of a chemical solvent (stripper), methylene chloride, in a flow-over system. The piece of furniture is placed in a large, elevated tray. The stripper is pumped through flexible tubing connected to a brush that allows the stripper to flow over the furniture and is used to scrub the old finish off. The piece is then rinsed off with water and allowed to dry.

At this point an appointment for a consultation is made with the customer to come in and pick a finish color on the stripped furniture. Doing this allows our customers to see exactly what color their furniture will be when completed.

Next, the selected stain color is applied to the piece of furniture. If the wood absorbs the stain imperfectly for the color selected, the piece may need to be tinted.

A sealer coat is then applied to the stained furniture. This seals in the stain keeps it from reacting adversely with the final finish.

The final step is spraying two to three coats of lacquer to protect the stain, the wood and to add a lustrous sheen that enhances the beauty of the wood. The sheen of the finish coat can vary from flat to high gloss, depending upon the preference of the customer. Our most popular is a satin finish due to its low maintenance and its ability to hide assorted small defects.

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